MpStockPhotos Philosophy and Belief System



Welcome to MpStockPhotos- where the rules of stock photography are being rewritten one image a time. This is not the average stock company and I am proud of it. MpStockPhotos  is a female-owned small art business.

It's  not just about pretty pictures. It's  about connection. Connection to the world, to each other, and to the stories that make us who we are. That's why every image in this collection is more than just a snapshot-it's a piece of a larger narrative, waiting to be discovered and shared.

I'm hopeful that more people will decide to  prioritize the artists' well-being while also making a positive impact on the industry. Instead of perpetuating a system where photographers are undervalued, you're offering fair compensation and ensuring that their creative contributions are properly recognized. This not only benefits the artists but also helps maintain an ethical approach to business. Stock photography truly embodies artistry, and it's essential that we acknowledge and fairly compensate the artists behind these captivating images.

MpStockPhotos understands the power of visuals in conveying messages, telling stories, and captivating audiences. That's why here you will find a carefully curated,  diverse collection of images designed to meet the specific needs of marketers, graphic designers, bloggers and small businesses. 

Whether you're looking to enhance your social media campaigns, create eye-catching graphics, or elevate your blog posts with stunning visuals, our carefully selected images are here to inspire and empower your creativity.

I  hate waste! That's why it's all about a simple, uncomplicated experience. That's why I believe that you deserve the most straightforward and transparent way to get exactly what you want without hidden fees and costs. No complicated subscription plans to keep track of or confusing pricing tiers-just a simple $8 per image cost.  Or a yearly membership of $25 to receive $1 off each purchase, exclusive content and blog posts. 

With this straightforward pricing model, you know exactly what you're getting and how much you're paying for it. Whether you need one image or one hundred, you can trust that you're getting what you've paid for. 

Each image is 3000x2000px@300DPI. $8 an image. Each image is a standard license and is royalty free. Plain and simple. Feel free to read the details here:  FAQ, Image Licensing Agreement, Terms and Conditions

If these are ideals you can get behind- explore, search and wander. You are welcome here!