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Pure, Simple & uncomplicated.

Your resource for capturing the essence of Wisconsin's wildlife, flora, marshlands, woodlands, meadows, mushrooms and botanical wonders through photography.

We are not a stock photography company- we are a small, digital, art business and proud of it!

Ideal simplicity for marketers, bloggers, small business owners and graphic designers. No packages/plans to buy. Straightforward and transparent way to get exactly what you want without complicated subscription plans or pricing tiers. Non-profit and Wholesale discount pricing available. Contact for more info.

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Standard Licensing/Royalty Free. Each image 3000x2000/3000x3000 @300DPI

Macro Florals

Capturing Nature's Intricate Beauty"

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Recipes, Blog, Fine Art & Stock Photography

Family heirloom recipes, slow living blog posts, fine art prints and authentic stock photography

  • RECIPES with a focus on hand made, seasonal or just plain beautiful and delicious! Featuring my food photography and stock for sale here on my website.

    • Heirloom family recipes
    • Seasonal farmer's market finds
    • Balanced approach to satisfying foods and nourishing foods.
    • Cozy, hygge lifestyle
    Recipes Index 

    Embracing the beauty of slow living, celebrating the joy of hand made meals, and cultivating self-reliance through homesteading practices. Join me as I embark on a journey towards a small, curated life filled with the simple pleasures of cooking, connecting with nature, and nurturing our gardens.

    Blog "A Foraged Nest" 

    $8 pure and simple.

    Specializing in:

    • Wisconsin Wildflowers, Forests & Animals.
    • Homesteading & Self Reliance
    • Rustic & Natural food photography
    • The details and nuances of nature and the world around us.

    Stock Photography 

    Fine Art Prints

    8x10, 11x14 & 12x12

    • Acid-free, pH-neutral papers
    • Giclée Inkjet-printed with archival pigment inks
    • Smooth matte finish
    • Direct from WHCC professional photography and press printing partner.
    • Mini Prints & Notecard Sets.

    Fine Art Still Life 
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I'm so thankful for your visit to my online photography shop. Here, I proudly present authentic digital and fine art photos from my small, female-owned business. My passion lies in homesteading, self-reliance, and embracing a natural, slow-paced lifestyle.

My creative haven is my cozy studio—a three-season porch overlooking my Secret garden, raised herb beds, and vegetable garden. It's also a window to the breathtaking beauty of local forests, prairies, and meadows where many of my images are taken. And I'm grateful to have my loyal companion, Axel, always by my side as my trusted helper.

In addition to capturing the splendor of nature, I've been curating a collection of Wisconsin native and non-native wildflowers, serving as a valuable resource for enthusiasts. As an Arts in Medicine Photographer, many of these local nature based images are on display in Hospitals, clinics and places of healing in Southeastern Wisconsin.

When you buy images from my website, you're backing a small business. Major stock corporations have been reducing artists' compensation while increasing their own profits. I've launched this website to ensure fair pay for my work. So, shopping here is akin to supporting the underdog.

Warm regards,

  • Food

    Authentic props and food ingredients with a focus on self reliance.

  • Plants, Prairies & Gardens

    Wildflower filled meadows, garden scenes and natural settings.

  • People

    Slow living concepts with a human element.

  • Still Life


    vintage still life scenes.

  • Animals

    Barn yard & Domestic Animals

    Wisconsin life


Wisconsin Wildlife

Animals, birds and insects local to Wisconsin. Highlights from Retzer Nature Center, Lapham Peak, Ottawa Lake and Scuppernong Springs and more.

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Food as Art

Food styled still life & backgrounds

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Spirit Led Fine Art Series

A collection of images inspired by the Holy Spirit.

White House Custom Color fulfills these orders. Click HERE for more information.

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Wisconsin Wildflowers

Your resource for Plants, Flowers and Fauna local to Wisconsin meadows & prairies

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mpstockphotos Philosophy

Welcome to MpStockPhotos- where the rules of stock photography are being rewritten one image at a time. This is not your average stock company and I am proud of it. MpStockPhotos is a female-owned small art business. It is not just about pretty pictures. It's about connection. Connection to the world, to each other, and to the stories that make us who we are. That's why every image in this collection is more than just a snapshot-it's a piece of a larger narrative, waiting to be discovered and shared.

I'm hopeful that more people will decide to  prioritize the artists' well-being while also making a positive impact on the industry. Instead of perpetuating a system where photographers are undervalued, you're offering fair compensation and ensuring that their creative contributions are properly recognized. This not only benefits the artists but also helps maintain an ethical approach to business. Stock photography truly embodies artistry, and it's essential that we acknowledge and fairly compensate the artists behind these captivating images.